Membership at EACA

Membership of the Society is open to those with a clinical or scientific interest in tis objectives

Membership fees:
Regular members:
€ 275.- (incl. subscription to the journal)
Associate members: € 60.- (without subscription to the journal)
Student members: € 135.- (incl. subscription to the journal)
SPECIAL OFFER - 1st year membership: 135.- (incl. subscription to the journal)

Documents required for application:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Two publications or record of significant teaching in anatomy in accredited universities
  3. Two letters of sponsorship (at least one from a regular member of the association

Application Form
(click on this link, fill out the appearing .pdf-file, print it
and send it per fax or snail mail to the appropriate address as written in the file. Hint: This is a .pdf - form where you can type into it and proceed by using the tab key.)



last revised 11 Mai, 2016 by WF Rosmarin